If you have been advertising and getting results at high conversion rates or no conversion at all then you been doing it wrongly, you really need to stop! 

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 Start Adverting Like A Pro With Google Adwords

49 purchases at $0.62 per conversion

17 purchases at $0.52 per conversion

The fact that you are reading this right now tells two things. Either;

  1. You don’t know anything about advertising at all,
  2. You have been getting results at back-breaking amounts (sometimes as high as $5 to $10 and above) using Facebook, Instagram or probably Google Adwords, and you want to do better just like my advert below

562 purchases at $1.93/ conversion

As an advertiser, 2 things affects your cost per conversion;

  1. The amount you sell your products/services
  2. Your expertise

Overtime, i’ve seen advertisers sell products that cost between 5 to 10 thousand Naira and spends between 7$ to $15 per conversion, some even spends more. Multiplying $7 or $15 by 390 which is the official exchange rate, you will get between N2,730 to N5,850, you can tell by this calculation that this advert is not profitable, you are just giving Facebook, Instagram and Google free money. 

Maybe this has happened to you in time past or it is happening to you right now and you are fed up because it is slowing your business and you are not making enough like you should, I don’t want you to give up on advertising, i was once in your shoes and i know how it feels. 

The Screenshot i shared above is one of my adverts that sells products worth N42,000, and i still get conversion for $1.93 per conversion, thats N752. 

Imagine being able to sell products worth N42,000 with N752 per conversion, then you will agree with me that it is beyond the price you sell you products. 

I know so many people would say advertising is difficult, maybe you’re saying that too, well i have said that too when i started out with facebook where i spent N95,000 to advertise products that costed N7,000 only and i was able to sell only 8 units of the products which gave me N56,000 in return and left me in debt of N39,000. 

After this horrible experience, i ran to google to advertise, I even reduced my selling price from 7,000 to 6,000 below is the screenshot of the advert when i started out.

From frypan to fire!! 

$34.85 spent with zero conversion!

Didn’t I have prior knowledge before starting the campaign? of course i did, well i thought i did because i downloaded junks of tutorials from youtube, but with all these confusing tutorials it still ended in premium tears.

1 thing is that with all these money being wasted on advertisements, i kept learning and i kept getting better. below is an update of the advert i ran afterwards.

Improvement right? 

At least i got my purchase at $10.78 (that’s about N4,204) for a N6,000 products, well that is still a loss.

After these terrible experiences, i changed the products I was selling and got proper training which costed me some amounts over what i have wasted on adverts both facebook and google combined. 

After my training, I switched to a different product that costed N25,000 in selling price and my advert got better. check the screenshot below

I was able to sell a product of N25,000 at $6.67 (N2,601) per purchase. you could see I got better by the day. But again, it got better still with my continuous learning and practicing.

4 purchases at $1.5 per conversion

At this point, i was already getting conversion at $1.5 per order (spending N585 to sell N25,000 product).  

Why Google? Why not Facebook or Instagram?

Maybe you are confused or you don’t see any reason to use google or probably you don’t know how google works, let me explain to you. 

Only 3 people knows you very well, I mean you have just 3 people that are very close to you, I do, we all do. who are these 3 people? 

  1. Your Parents
  2. Yourself 
  3. Google

Google? yes google! let me use this practical example. 

If you are confused about something or you want to understand better, what do you do? you google it. 

When you go to somewhere new and you miss the road, you check google map, and so on. The moment you do any of these things, google record it and install something called cookie on your phone. 

The moment you ask google anything, it installs cookies on your phone

Take your time to read this and understand

If you googled something, (let’s say “diabetes natural treatment” or “diabetes home remedy”) just so you can gain more knowledge about it, google will immediately install cookies on your phone. What happens few days later is that you will start seeing pop ups on your phone about Diabetes Remedy, i am sure you have experienced something like that before (it might not be diabetes but something else). 

The reason you saw the popups is that google sent the advert of an advertiser that sells diabetes remedy to your phone because you have googles something relating to diabetes, so it sees you as a potential customer, which in the real sense you are, because if what the advertiser is selling is what you can afford, there is a very high tendency that you will buy it. . 

As a matter of fact, Google knows you more than your parents. It knows your name, where you are at a particular time, it knows who to send your adverts to, it knows what people are searching for online, it knows who your potential customers are.

Another reason Google is preferred to facebook it that not everybody is on facebook, and facebook doesn’t advertise outside facebook, which means that only people within facebook would see your advert. Unlike Facebook, everyone that has a browsing phone has Google installed on it directly from the factory. and provided you are educated and you know how to operate the phone, you must definitely ask Google for something, you can’t escape it (which makes you a potential buyer to someone somewhere), in addition to this, google uses facebook as their advert partner, which means it is possible for people in facebook to see the advert you run on Google.

This feature alone makes everybody a customer to everybody. I could be your potential customer, you could be my potential customer. As a matter of fact I have bought something online from my younger brother without knowing before, he had to call me after he got my payment that i just bought his products. Do you understand how it works now?

Below is an advert that popped up on my phone few minutes ago

This advert popped up because i am a bitcoin user and i googled “best bitcoin wallet” on my phone yesterday. I am sure it is getting clear to you now, That is how your advert will pop up on the phones of people that are interested in your products only. 

When I got started with advertising and i wasted thousands of money, i concluded advertisement is hard! but the tutor i learnt google advert from told me that “there is no difficult topic, there are just difficult teachers”. 

These words touched me and it changed my perspective on learning. Not too long from then, he told me I had 2 options;

  1. I could either pay him N60,000 monthly for him to help me manage my advert. That is his managing fee not the advert fee (you have to fund your ads account just like you do on facebook advert account), Or
  2. I could learn it once and for all. 

You know what a reasonable person would choose, I learnt it and i am better for it.

The truth is that for you to be profitable in business, your advert need to get customers at a relatively low cost.

I know you have probably tried your best to get this done, but you don’t really know how to, the people you’ve met or paid to put you through only showed you the peripheral so up till now, you are still wasting money and time running unprofitable adverts. Well all these can stop if you really want it to, you can run several profitable adverts if you really want to, just like these people below.

17 purchases at $1.18 per conversion

I have always knew google adverts as been a gold mines for a long time, but i didn’t know how to go about it so i settled for facebook. I was getting about $5 to $6 per conversion on facebook which was okay compared to the amount i sell my products, but since i joint this course, i have been getting conversion much lower than i used to on facebook. Thank you so much for the courses.

Tade Afolayan

What some people are saying

25 purchases at $0.73 per conversion

288 purchases at $1.13 per conversion

Here is the one that really caught my attention from all the people that went through the course. This screenshot below is from Mrs Ngozi, she sells products for N38,000, I had doubts she would do great because of what she sells and the amount she sells for, as they both seemed odd to me, but i coached her one on one, and she did this. 

selling a 38,000 Naira products at 565 Naira per order.

21 purchases at $1.45 per conversion

This is not an Ebook course where you have to read and get confused, This is are practical walkthrough Videos. You learn how i have been running my advert that converts like none before. 

What you will learn from this course

  • My Fail-Proof Ads Strategy That Converts Customers 2x to 10x better and skyrocket your revenue 5x to 10x.
  • Life Time Access to This Courses For Reference Purposes

Overtime, i have discovered people don’t know how to sell their products, they mostly send customers to whatsapp hoping they can convert them, but ending up losing the customers (because 98% of the customers will tell them they will get back to them). So to help prevent this and skyrocket your sales and revenue, i have made some tutorials on how to convert customers better using a sales page.

In addition to this, you will also get Video courses on a step by step guild on how to create landing/sales page that converts and guarantee sales (worth N6,000), you will also get the plugins i use in designing my sales page to get a professional look for free (worth $89)

By the time you will be done with this course, you will not need to pay anybody money to help you run adverts again because you would have mastered the tricks, dos and don’ts of online marketing. 

Everything you need to be successful with google advert and internet marketing is at the other side of this page

Check out other results from people that went through this course

12 purchases at $1.42 per conversion

32 purchases at $1.77 per conversion

5 purchases at $1.29 per conversion

I have made this course in the most detailed way so you can grasp and understand every bit of it. I could decide to charge you The amount i paid to learn (N110,000), but i wouldn’t be helping you if i did. as a matter of fact, People that got this course last month got it for N25,000 but again, i will charge you way lesser than that.

I Belive you don’t have to break your back to learn how to run profitable adverts like a pro

For Just 5,000 Naira today only, all i have mentioned above will be yours.

After today, the course will cost you N15,000 to get, and later go back to N25,000 on 20th of next month

You can start running profitable ads from today.

The truth is that you have 3 choices;

  1. Go back to your old method of advertising and keep wasting money 
  2. pay me N60,000 every month to help you run advert and manage your advert
  3. Get this course for just 5,000 Naira and replicate everything i know and get sales massively.

The decision is up to you

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The below screenshot is coming from the man that chatted me up on whatsapp from the picture above. himself together with his son went through the course and they applies it to their Car spare part in Ladipo, Lagos. I believe you know the amount they sell car spare parts, but they still got 355 sales at $1.32 per conversion, That’s mind blowing.

355 purchases at $1.32 per conversion

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